Our team of licensed, experienced, and passionate teachers will help to propel your child's grades, while having fun learning. Our framework for teaching is based on natural ways of learning for ALL types of learners. Our specialists not only foster academic growth, but nurture and embrace differentiated learning styles. To elicit optimum learning opportunities, students are divided into small, leveled groups, with no more than 6 students per specialist. Our goal is to work in tandem with teachers, students, and families! It’s our desire to keep your students’ on task with their homework, while potentially deepening his/her understanding of concepts taught during their school day.

Our dedication to long-term academic success means that we strive to improve performance, build lasting confidence, and bring out the best in students at every stage of their academic career.

To start the enrollment process, please click on the Student Information Tab and submit the form. This information helps to prepare individualized and supplemental lessons for your child. Next, click on the tab "BOOK A CLASS" and use the drop down menu to select the plan/schedule that fits your needs.

We look forward to helping your young learner SOAR to new academic heights!  See our staff.  

  Enrollment for The Hangar Learning Center is limited to 24 students per day. Your student will receive individualized academic support, and will be sub-divided into small groups of 6 (max.). To reserve a place for your child:

  • To register and schedule your child/children:
  • Click on the Student Information Form and submit completed information. 
  • ALL Student enrollments must include an ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE.

    What Harvard University says about how to prepare your child for success!

     “Young people experience greater gains if they participate in afterschool programs with greater frequency and in a more sustained manner.”….”benefits increase if the programs are tailored to children’s interests, needs, and schedules, as well as providing exposure to new ideas, challenges, and people.”

    The Hangar Club After School Program does exactly that!  It is at the cutting edge of combining education and youth development.  Children typically attend 90 minute sessions two-four times weekly, where hands-on, fun and creative learning is the norm.

    • Home to school support. We make a point of getting to know your student on a personal level and provide individualized support. We work together to create a customized game plan from the very beginning.
    • Each session includes an opportunity to ask questions, review assignments, and complete lessons that coincide with the homework from school. We create better learners through enriching educational experiences for students of all ability levels.

    The Hangar has programs that children want to attend — where hands-on, fun creative learning is the norm.

    Our dedicated specialist plan carefully to ensure the curriculum is exciting so that the students will want come back for every class.

    Whether academically behind or ahead, there are always new concepts to be learned. Our dedication to long-term academic success means that we strive to improve performance, build lasting confidence, and bring out the best in students at every stage of their academic career. 

    The Hangar Club:

    • Provide help with homework, tutoring, enrichment and remediation.
    • Foster the self-worth of each child, develop forward thinking, interpersonal social skills, and promote respect for cultural diversity.
    • Provide time and space for quiet study. Developing thinking and problem-solving skills, and spark their curiosity and love of learning

    Whether your child is working at grade level, struggling to maintain grade level, or academically excelling, The Hangar Club benefits ALL children, in grades K-5.

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