Frequent Flyer Rewards

Every student at The Hangar is a member of THE HANGAR FREQUENT FLYER REWARDS PROGRAM. This program provides your child the opportunity to participate in a fun recognition and token reward system. We feel that it is very important to acknowledge effort and accomplishments at every ability level, so we have developed a method to encourage growth of skills and competency. Whether the reward is in the form of verbal praise, or ‘frequent flyer tokens’, your child will be able to feel a sense of pride and success as they achieve new skill sets. As your child collects FREQUENT FLYER TOKENS, he/she will be able to redeem them for a treasure at THE HANGAR’S HIGH FLYERS SHOP!

We don’t want to leave parents out of all the fun and excitement that is involved with learning and sharing new opportunities at The Hangar, so we have developed a way for you to accrue HANGAR FREQUENT FLYER points too! Every time you refer a friend, and they enroll their child, you will receive $25 off any service at The Hangar Learning Center.

We look forward to teaming up with you and watching your child SOAR to new heights of learning!