In Home Tutoring

The Hangar Learning Center supports academic learning for K-5th grade students during the pandemic!

As if being a parent doesn’t already come with a million choices to make every day, and it goes without saying, this past year has really put our decisiveness to the test!

When it comes to parenting during a pandemic, the struggle is real. It can feel like no answer is the right one, and with conflicting opinions flying around, it’s hard to determine who you can trust for advice. We want you to know that The Hangar Learning Center Team of Tutors care about you and your child’s wellbeing! We continue to work hard to provide opportunities to help families by supporting your child’s learning and help safeguard the futures of the next generation.

If your child is behind in the content being taught in their classroom (whether face to face, or virtual), they will invariably struggle to catch up. Meeting with one of our Hangar Learning Tutors will help your student develop the tools needed to understand the classroom instruction, and ultimately get back on track.

After all, tutoring isn’t – or shouldn’t – serve just as homework help. Our teams of tutors are crazy about kids! We make a point to hear and listen to our students. We strive to build trust, and we are dedicated to enrich and remediate our student’s academic performance by building confidence to help and develop skills that will bring out their full potential. These qualities may prove especially crucial in the social-distancing era, when opportunities to build relationships are few. 

We realize that in-person tutoring may not be an option for all families so; The Hangar Learning Center also offers virtual tutoring. Although virtual tutoring may not be quite as effective as in-person sessions, the positive results point to a potential solution to the growing educational gap.

If we act now and use our resources wisely, whether it is in-person, or online tutoring, The Hangar Learning Center wants to help your student develop skills to allow them to soar through their academic journey!

The Hangar Learning Center provides in-person tutoring for Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona.


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